By Mariam Sharia

Yesterday I tried to have a ‘job’ as a ‘sales executive’, so I ended up in deep North Philadelphia unable to stop staring at ‘scrapple’ in a fly infested deli fridge while a large man in a striped suit with bitten-to-the-quick nails looked through moldy envelopes for an electricity bill, and a tall black kid told me I had nice teeth and I said, ‘really?’ and he said ‘they got ridges though, my sister's teef got ridges mine are straight’ and I said, ‘yeah, they got ridges’, then he told me about his army dad and asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said ‘yeah’ and he said ‘good I was about to snatch you up’ and I was left standing there staring at ‘scrapple’ trying to figure out whether or not I have nice teeth.